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Toron was a classmate of Éponine [exclusive to the Anime], as well as her childhood crush. He came from a rather poor, but God-loving family. Éponine seemed to want to marry him one day, which her mother playfully rejected.

One day when Éponine forgot her lunch, Gavroche and Cosette were sent to give it to her. Toron noticed them and became very interested with Cosette. They would walk together whenever he got out of school, spend time with each other and the priest Richard, and soon became good friends which made Eponine wickedly jealous.

On Cosette's birthday, Éponine took Cosette's potpourri sash and claimed her mother made it, but was found out when Toron found Fantine's birthday note in it.

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Éponine jealously looks on as Cosette and Toron spend time with Richard, the priest

Sometime after this, Toron and his family moved and was not seen in the series again.


  • The friendship-triangle shared by Toron, Éponine, and Cosette reflects that of the eventual love-triangle between Marius, Éponine, and Cosette