Monsieur Thénardier
Thénardier Profile Picture





Eye Color



Madame Thenadier (wife)
Éponine (eldest daughter)
Azelma Thenardier (younger daughter)
Gavroche (son)
Pressoir and Jurges (sons, novel)

Monsieur Thénardier (born 1773) is the main antagonist of the series.


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Background/Role in StoryEdit

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Differences from the NovelEdit

  • Overall, Thénardier's appearance fits that of the
    Thénardier Moustache Changes
    novel: "a skinny little runt, pale, angular, bony, rickety, who looked sick but was as fit as a fiddle." However, in the Anime, Thénardier changes his moustache to three different styles over the course of the series
  • In the novel, after failing to blackmail Marius into believing that Valjean is a murderer, he receives 1,500 francs from Marius and is ordered to leave and never return. Thénardier then moves with Azelma to America, where he becomes a slave trader. In the Anime, he is re-arrested by Javert, who intends on turning him into a more benevolent person (as Valjean did to him) no matter how many times Thénardier attempts to break out of prison


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