Jean Valjean
Jean Valjean Profile Picture




Convict (former)
Mayor (former)




1833 (novel)
1834 (Anime)

Cause of Death

Old age
Grief (novel)

Eye Color



Unnamed sister
unnamed seven nieces/nephews
Cosette (adopted daughter)
Marius (son-in-law)
Cosette's and Marius's daughter (adopted granddaughter)

Jean Valjean (1769 - 1834) is the male protagonist of the series, and the adoptive father of Cosette.


Jean Valjean is a kind, caring person who gives as much help as he can to those that are poor or struggling. After his parole from prison in Toulon, he was harded and reserved around people until the Bishop of Digne offered him food and shelter, despite his criminal background. He rarely resorts to violence in situations unless absolutely necessary, particularly if it is for the protection of Cosette.

Background/Role in StoryEdit

Differences from the NovelEdit

  • On Valjean's grave, his year of death is marked as 1834, unlike 1833 as it is in the novel and musical
  • In the novel, Valjean requests for his grave to be unmarked, while in the Anime, his grave shows his name as well as birth and death years


"There isn't a need for a reason to help others."

"People can change. It applies to everyone in the human race." [very last lines of the series; repeat of spoken lines directed to Cosette and Marius shortly before his death]

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