Beatrice (French: Béatrice) is a student at the Petit-Pipus covent who is also friends with Cosette, Charlotte, and Audrey. When she grows to be an adult she leaves the convent afterwards. She is only a minor character in the story, sonot much is known about her. She appears alongside Charlotte and Audrey to deliver a basket of apples to Cosette as a gift for Cosette and Marius's marriage.


She has medium-length hazel-coloured hair and violet eyes. When Beatrice leaves the convent, she is seen wearing a orange dress with a orange-ribboned hat. However when at the convent she is seen wearing the same uniform as the other girls.


Beatrice is a kindhearted girl, as well as calm. She explains to Cosette why the girls at the convent ask a lot of questions, so she is also very helpful.