Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosette (レ・ミゼラブル 少女コゼット, Re Mizeraburu Shōjo Kozetto) is an anime adaptation of the Victor Hugo's classic novel, Les Misérables.


Synopsis Edit

In 19th century France, being a single mother is hard. Fantine is just one of those mothers, trying to find a job, but is rejected everywhere she goes. Fantine then has no choice but to leave her daughter, Cosette, behind to be cared for by another family, the Thénardiers, while she goes to find a job in the city. However, life at the Thénardiers is far from enjoyable. Cosette is treated as a slave, and is bullied, while her mother works hard to earn money, so that she can be together be Cosette again someday. On the other hand, the mayor, known as Madeline, hides a deep secret within him. But if he wants to help Fantine and Cosette, he'll have to face up to his past...

Episodes Edit

  1. Fantine and Cosette
  2. Jean Valjean's Secret
  3. A New Friend, Chou Chou
  4. Mother's Letter
  5. Javert's Suspicions
  6. Cosette's Birthday
  7. Lost Eponine
  8. Mother's Skirt
  9. Thenardier's Malice
  10. Madeleine is Perplexed
  11. Sister Simplice's Lie
  12. Lonely Cosette
  13. Jean Valjean and Cosette
  14. Their Journey
  15. Their Bond
  16. The Gorbeau House in Paris
  17. Javert Closes In
  18. A Forgotten Reunion
  19. Cosette is Taken
  20. Monastic Life
  21. Cosette and Marius
  22. Their Respective Journeys
  23. Under The Parisian Sky
  24. An Encounter in the Luxembourg Garden
  25. Unreachable Feelings
  26. Chance Encounters in Paris
  27. The Girl Who Ran Away
  28. The Found Letter
  29. Thenardier's Trap
  30. The Coin That Was Left Behind
  31. The Quiet Rue Plumet
  32. Traces of That Day
  33. Giving Up On Reunion
  34. Children In The Elephant
  35. Patron Minette's Breakout
  36. The Ailing of Paris
  37. Marius's Miscalculation
  38. Cosette and Eponine
  39. June 5, 1832
  40. The Night of the Revolution
  41. Eponine's Love
  42. A Letter from Marius
  43. Gavroche's Wish
  44. To the Light of the Future
  45. The Sewers of Paris
  46. Javert's Justice
  47. The Bonds of the Hearts
  48. Cosette and Marius
  49. My Mother
  50. The Eternal Ring
  51. The Revealed Truth
  52. The Silver Candlesticks

Cast Edit


Voice Actor(s)
Cosette Kaori Nazuka
Tamaki Matsumoto (3 years old)
Jean Valjean Masashi Sugawara
Fantine Emiko Hagiwara
Javert Takashi Matsuyama
Gavroche Yumiko Kobayashi
Thénardier Masahito Yabe
Mme. Thénardier Mami Horikoshi
Éponine Yūko Sasamoto
Yūki Ōtomo (4 years old)
Azelma Kurumi Mamiya
Chihiro Yarita (2 years old)
Anri Katsu
Enjolras Yūji Kishi
Combeferre Wataru Hatano
Courfeyrac Eiji Takemoto
Jean Prouvaire Yoshinori Fujita
Grantaire Norihisa Mori
Laigle Ryō Naitō
Feuilly Daisuke Matsubara
Bahorel Takahiro Yoshimizu
Joly Yūki Chiba
Montparnasse Kōji Yusa
Claquesous Junichi Endō
Babet Akio Suyama
Gueulemer Tetsu Inada
Zephine Atsuko Tanaka
Toron Naomi Shindō
Mother Innocente Sayuri Sadaoka
Béatrice Miyuki Sawashiro
Charlotte Nozomi Sasaki
Audrey Haruka Tomatsu
Hugues/Jurges Ai Tokunaga
Bressole/Pressoir Yūko Sanpei
Sister Simplice
Mika Kanai
Fauchelevent Takkō Ishimori
Gillenormand Tetsuo Komura
Marius' Aunt
(Mademoiselle Gillenormand)
Miyuki Ono
Pontmercy Akihiko Ishizumi
Mabeuf Bin Shimada
Bishop Myriel Chikao Ōtsuka
Champmathieu Shinpachi Tsuji
Petit Gervais Aiko Hibi
Bougon Seiko Tamura
Chabouillet Ryūji Mizuno
Hucheloup Takuma Suzuki
Mylène Miyuki Kawashō

Trivia Edit

  • The series has so far been adapted into an Arabic and Italian dub, and is one of the few to as of yet have no English dub adaptation